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The Road to iOS

  • Setup your computer to code like a pro. Get setup with the essential tools and software needed to be a developer

  • Use Git Version Control and learn how to work in a real development environment with a team

  • Test Driven Development saves time by making your code more sustainable and less susceptible to pesky bugs

  • Object Oriented Programming is the foundation of knowledge on which your apps are built. The more you know about this, what you can do with it is limitless

  • Build Popular Applications that look and feel like some of the most widely used apps on the planet

Who am I ?

Someone just like you.

John Figueiredo

Self taught developer, ex track star, and aspiring rock climber. Former limo driver, turned customer service agent, evolved to software developer. Mediocre ping pong player, houseboat fanatic, guitar player, and passionate about trying to change the world for the better every day.